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Why Reclaimed Granite Makes The Perfect Pool Coping

June 03, 2016
BY KCharles




Summer is finally here and pool installation season is at its height--now let's talk pool coping! 

One important element that can define the overall finished look of your pool landscape is the use of a high-quality and functional pool coping. This is crucial for any pool installation. It not only creates the edging between the landscape and your pool, it also enhances the safety of your pool area. 

Using reclaimed granite as pool coping may not be the first option that pops into your head, but if you want to tie your new pool installation into the natural stone elements in your surrounding landscape, this is one way to easily achieve that cohesive look. It is both stylish and visually appealing while at the same time lending a touch of uniqueness to the overall finished look.

Unprecedented patina with natural aging is one of the best traits of reclaimed granite pool coping. 



Stone Farm creates functional reclaimed coping by re-repurposing significantly worn granite curbstones that are approximately 8" thick and also by using oversized paving squares in their original size (these have a thickness of 2"). We create the coping by turning the curbs on their sides so that the top surface now becomes the pool edge. These tops are worn smooth from years of use and are smooth to the touch, making a perfect edge for entering and exiting the pool. Additionally, we are also able to create a naturalized weathered edge by applying custom craftsman hand work techniques.

 Reclaimed granite squares reclaimed from an outdoor mall.



Reclaimed pool coping seamlessly blends into this wooded landscape.



Give Stone Farm a call to discuss adding this unique reclaimed material to your newest outside addition. We'd love to hear from you!



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