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Why We Love Our Outdoor Fireplace Kits (And So Should You!)

October 03, 2014
BY KCharles

Fall is here and its time to think about adding an Outdoor Fireplace, as a great new addition to your backyard. Its time to increase that level of comfort and enjoyment outside before the winter weather is upon us (and boy its supposed to be a doozy!) We at Stone Farm love this time of year and find it to be the perfect time to talk up one of our favorite products--our Outdoor Fireplace Kit!
Here is a list highlighting some of the exciting features and benefits of our Outdoor Fireplace Kits:

  • Customizable kit ranging from the basic core components of throat, smoke dome/damper and to more complete packages that include firebrick, refractory mortar and chimney pots to suit many unique styles.
  • Shipped on one simple pallet.
  • Easy assembly with three types of kits to choose from in three size options.
  • All pre-fabricated pieces are made from quality refractory materials.
  • Durable construction including rebar reinforcement and superior throat design for better drafting.
  • Heavy duty design for a long life of enjoyment.
  • Allows for customization of finished styles with many options of veneering available to suit style needs.

Rumford Outdoor Fireplace (2)

Please check out our website for additional photos showing a broad range of finishing options. Once you're ready-we would love to hear from you! Contact Katie Mayer, our Outdoor Fireplace Expert at 203-270-2900.


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"Rock Candy"

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