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Big Dig Cobblestones - Lowell Jumbos

February 17, 2012
BY Gavin Johnston

Our signature cobblestones "Big Dig Cobbles" come from in and around Boston. This past summer we found a batch that was unique for two reasons.

The first is that most of the cobblestones we find came from multiple quarries and hence there really is a range of colors. This batch clearly came from one quarry, most likely the Mason Granite Quarry, in Mason, NH. This is a light toned stone that has worn over time and now has a soft beige appearance.

The second is where they came from and the story of the building and a man who is linked to that building. The location is Marginal street in Lowell, MA. which used to run past an old Mill building that is no longer there. I am not sure what the original function of the mill was ,but I do know its last. It was converted to an armament factory during World War II. The factory produced 50 caliber shells. Turns out that right outside the gate is a car wash..a 90 plus year old man works there and he happened to fight in the Pacific and manned a 50 caliber machine gun!

The owner of the car wash has asked us to donate some cobbles to make a small monument to the gunner...how cool is that!

Big Dig Cobblestones

Big Dig "Lowell" Cobblestones

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