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Reclaimed Granite Blocks: A Perfect Choice for Sea Wall Material!

December 15, 2014
BY KCharles


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Brick Floor Tile: A Reclaimed Highlight on DIY's "I Hate My Kitchen"

April 03, 2014
BY KCharles

We were recently contacted by the co-producer of the DIY networks, "I Hate My Kitchen" series with an order request for our thin brick floor tile. As an "on trend" yet always classic look, our brick floor tile, was the perfect solution to add a classic, yet cool focal point to energize the homeowners new kitchen. It certainly was a stand out!

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Innovation in Reclaimed Cobbles? Introducing, the Flat Cobble

October 17, 2013
BY Stonelak

I've seen a lot of old cobblestones - whether they're still existing in old streets or plazas, or freshly installed for new driveways. We always talk about their rich patina or 'weathered tops,' but in reality, there is a negative characteristic - they do not make for a completely flat surface! Some people want the authentic look and feel of the true, old cobbles. For them, they love the rough texture and embrace it. For others, we hear the same concern: "I don't want to walk on this in my high-heals," or, "I don't like that bumpy feeling when I drive." Everyone is different, and that is why we love the option of the reclaimed Flat Cobble.

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Brick Veneer Series – Jerusalem Chapel, Bruges, Belgium

October 13, 2013
BY Stonelak

When I came to Belgium, the plan was to search out pictures of our cobblestones throughout the cities of Belgium (ok, enjoying the chocolate and beer might have also been in the plan). Surprisingly, I was often distracted by beautiful brickwork found throughout the city.

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Reclaimed Granite Curbing

October 02, 2013
BY KCharles

We at Stone Farm are excited about our new stock of reclaimed granite curbing coming in almost daily!

Curbstone was used over 100 years ago to separate street from sidewalk. Our current stock consists of newer "sawn top" as well as older "textured top" material.

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