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Best in Brick: Patagonia New Haven

October 16, 2017
BY Stone Farm

This month in Brick at its Best, we take a look at the new Patagonia store in New Haven, CT. with designer Cornerstone Design.

: Patagonia Store in New Haven, CT.

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Gray is the New Red in Thin Brick Veneer

February 08, 2017
BY Stone Farm

Grey is the new red; in interior brick design, that is. Oftentimes the rustic feel of traditional red reclaimed brick doesn't flow with the color scheme of the room that you are decorating. That is why we bring you our newest offering - reclaimed gray thin brick veneer.

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A NEW Design Twist for Margaritaville--Enhanced by Thin Brick Tile

August 08, 2016
BY KCharles

Head on over to the new Margaritaville in Hollywood, FL and you will see that our Baltimore Blend of thin brick tile has been reclaimed and is not "Wastin' Away" as they say! 

We love the finished look of this new commercial space complete with the famed parrot to boot, showcasing once again, how reclaimed brick can totally transform a space. 

Why is our Baltimore blend of Thin Brick Tile so special? This unique brick tile has been taken and repurposed from the row houses of Baltimore's city streets in a collaborative effort with Details Deconstruction, a 501(c) (3) that is currently using the deconstruction of its row houses as a means towards creating employment, reducing waste sent to landfills, and salvaging materials for reuse.

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Fresh New Blends: Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer

March 24, 2016
BY KCharles

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A Reclaimed Brick Floor That's Gone to the Dogs

January 29, 2016
BY KCharles


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The Ultimate Makeover--Reclaimed Thin Brick Works Its Magic in Texas!

December 22, 2015
BY KCharles

 We LOVE to hear back from our customers..especially when the project happens to be as transformational as this one!

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A Baltimore Brick Tale, By John Houlihan

July 13, 2015
BY KCharles


Baltimore Brick Up Close & Personal

As you may have heard, our newest blend of reclaimed thin brick from Baltimore has quite the story behind it, and at the same time supports a great cause that involves, both repurposing old materials as well as providing employment opportunities for its local residents. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel down to Baltimore to have an up close and personal look for myself and at the same time discuss a unique project that is currently underway.

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HGTV Features Reclaimed Thin Brick

February 18, 2015
BY KCharles

In October 2014, Stone Farm's reclaimed thin brick veneer was featured on an HGTV episode of House Hunters Renovation. The home featured, was in need of a kitchen and mudroom renovation. Working in conjunction with our good friend and Interior Designer, Elizabeth Benedict, these rooms were brought back to life with a modern feel and a splash of color! Thanks to her keen and talented design eye, the needs of this couple were not only met, but surpassed with what turned out to be a stunning renovation! Our reclaimed thin brick was literally at the center of the action, and was used as central design element covering an internal chimney that benefitted greatly from this facelift. The end result is that it has now become a unique focal point that adds a dash of character and old world charm to this eclectic kitchen.

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Brick, Brew and Chocolate - Baltimore

January 30, 2015
BY Stonelak

If you followed some of my posts from Belgium last year, you know that I love Brick, Brew (beer or coffee!), and chocolate! In essence, 3 simple reasons why I loved Brugges so much. A recent quick trip to Baltimore showed me some of the same!

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Thin Brick Veneer Adds a Dash of Flavor to Edgartown

January 23, 2015
BY KCharles


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