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Montana's Big Sky and Belgium's Favorite Cobblestone Paver

May 01, 2014
BY KCharles
Stone Farm was contacted by local Montana architect Larry Pearson of Pearson Design Group last year, in an effort to match a locally quarried stone known as "Montana moss rock" for a stone driveway installation. Found only in Montana, this rock is a rustic, mossy fieldstone harvested from the plains of central Montana and is predominately brown with red, black and tan tones with green and/or grey lichen present on the majority of the stones. It was this local stone that had been applied as the exterior veneer on a home located in Big Sky, Montana. The landscape architect was then charged with finding a natural rustic stone product that would be a great tie in with this local veneer. Our reclaimed Belgian Cobblestone-- Belgian Porhyry turned out to be a stellar match!
In conjunction with the Belgian Porphyry cobble product used in this driveway installation, we also infused our 12" reclaimed granite junior curbstone. Cut into 3" thick pavers, a window pane effect was able to then be created, breaking up the cobblestones and lending additional interest to this breathtaking property and landscape.
We hope you enjoy these photos--this is one of our favorite projects yet!
Belgian cobblestone driveway pavers combined with reclaimed granite curbstone make the the perfect combination .
Detailed view of Belgian Porhyry cobblestone pavers combined with reclaimed granite curbstone, adding an additional design element.


What a great way to hide a generator in Big Sky country!


Blues, greens and gold tones are very apparent in the patina of the Belgian Phorphyry cobble.


As you can see--the tie in worked out very cohesively between the Montana moss rock veener on this breathtaking home and our Belgian cobblestones.


Reclaimed granite curbing and Belgian Porphryr cobblestone pavers create the perfect stone driveway combination.


Stone Farm prides itself on carrying a varied and unique line of natural stone products ranging from our European cobblestones, Big Dig Cobblestones, Reclaimed granite curbstone and much more! We hope to hear from you regarding that next project you may have coming down the line.

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Planning your outdoor space

Planning your outdoor space

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The Many Varied Uses Of Reclaimed Granite Curbing

March 25, 2014
BY Gavin Johnston

At Stone Farm one of the materials we harvest most frequently is our reclaimed granite curbing. Granite curbing has been in use around New England since at least the 1860's. The New England granite industry flourished from those early days up to the 1920's when there were literally hundreds of granite quarries throughout New England. After the 1920's granite as a building material lost momentum and the industry was virtually lost. One of the few products still made in real quantity in New England is granite curbing.

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The Completed Phase of Our Cobblestone Driveway Project: Rowayton, CT

November 19, 2013
BY KCharles

Welcome back to our finalized reclaimed cobblestone driveway project on the border of Rowayton and Norwalk, CT near Wilson Cove!

I was recently able to shoot some great finalized photos of this project, depicting the look and feel of what the homeowners had hope to achieve by tying in their "waters edge" home with a distinct beach feel, to a reclaimed cobblestone driveway installation complete with beach pebble edging.

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Innovation in Reclaimed Cobbles? Introducing, the Flat Cobble

October 17, 2013
BY Stonelak

I've seen a lot of old cobblestones - whether they're still existing in old streets or plazas, or freshly installed for new driveways. We always talk about their rich patina or 'weathered tops,' but in reality, there is a negative characteristic - they do not make for a completely flat surface! Some people want the authentic look and feel of the true, old cobbles. For them, they love the rough texture and embrace it. For others, we hear the same concern: "I don't want to walk on this in my high-heals," or, "I don't like that bumpy feeling when I drive." Everyone is different, and that is why we love the option of the reclaimed Flat Cobble.

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Reclaimed Granite Curbing

October 02, 2013
BY KCharles

We at Stone Farm are excited about our new stock of reclaimed granite curbing coming in almost daily!

Curbstone was used over 100 years ago to separate street from sidewalk. Our current stock consists of newer "sawn top" as well as older "textured top" material.

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Jumbo Cobbles: Reclaimed and At The Ready!

September 18, 2013
BY KCharles


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Cobblestone Driveway or Cobblestone Apron?

August 14, 2013
BY Gavin Johnston

I was in the beautiful and classic port town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire and remembered that Stone Farm had supplied our Big Dig medium and Big Dig Jumbo reclaimed cobblestone pavers for a small residential project last year. Not sure what to expect, I headed over to historical Pray Street to take a look.

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Why People Love Reclaimed Stone!

August 07, 2013
BY KCharles

When traveling through Europe and other further flung destinations, one will frequently come across beautiful architecture and visions of old cobblestones and vintage brick around every turn. Thank goodness one does not have to travel too far to see these cool, vintage sites to behold in our own backyard!

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Building A Character Filled Wall With Reclaimed Granite Blocks

July 10, 2013
BY KCharles

Granite was the first industrial strength building material used in America. Throughout New England, large pieces of this granite were formed into blocks, sills, and lintels which were used to create railroad trestles and cellar foundations. Today, we find this to be the perfect medium for a reclaimed granite block wall filled with character and patina that simply cannot be replicated elsewhere. The particular stone used in this wall, which was built outside of the Boston area, is known as Rockport granite from the Cape Ann area of Massachusetts. This unique stone is characterized specifically by its large black flecks.

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Cobblestone Driveway, Phase 2: Rowayton, CT

June 18, 2013
BY KCharles

Stone Farm is back with a few great updated photos from our ongoing Big Dig cobblestone driveway project in Rowayton, CT. Progress is moving right along and it's coming along beautifully, with a large majority of the cobblestone driveway pavers laid down and in place.

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