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Make A Bigger Statement: Ginormous Bluestone Slabs

June 27, 2013
BY KCharles

People have always loved bluestone flagging, but they also want something different and unique. Our new ginormous bluestone flagging, solves that problem and gives you the classic look of natural cleft bluestone, but in jumbo form. This new product is perfect for making a BIG statement in your landscape.

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Recent Press for Stone Farm

April 09, 2013
BY Stone Farm


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Why Natural Stone Pavers Last Forever and Concrete Does Not

March 07, 2013
BY Gavin Johnston

There is no doubt that concrete pavers are a very popular paving material. They are made to look like natural stone pavers (not very convincingly I would admit) and are one of the cheapest products to purchase and install. However, they are not always the cheapest over time, because they are a temporary product compared to natural stone pavers.

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New England Fieldstone sitting wall

December 29, 2012
BY Gavin Johnston

A low doubled sided stone wall can make the perfect spot to grab a quick seat, even on a cold winter day. The New England fieldstone in this wall was harvested in Maine and was sorted to provide mostly round and organic shapes.

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New England Fieldstone Natural Slabs - Spring Comes Early

February 26, 2012
BY Gavin Johnston

We love harvesting New England field stone slabs. This winter has obviously so mild that we have been able to keep harvesting fieldstone slabs, that we are now really ahead of the curve. Here are a couple of pictures of some slabs we just got in.

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Rockport Granite Blocks - The best use I can think of...

July 28, 2011
BY Gavin Johnston

I live across Ipswich bay from the small fishing village of Lanesville MA. Lanesville is on Cape Anne and is literally surrounded by several old and defunct Rockport granite quarries. These quarries were developed near the water so they could transport the quarries blocks to market via boat. While that industry is no longer alive, its handiwork is still very apparent.

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New England Fieldstone Slabs

July 20, 2011
BY Gavin Johnston

The most traditional image of New England fieldstone is of the country walls of rounds and block walls that go on forever…Some of the same fields that produced the stone for so many walls also produced flat stones in sizes from turkey platters up to giant flat slaps over 50 square feet in area! Stone Farm is harvesting this material right now.

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Yard Work

July 11, 2011
BY Gavin Johnston

When in the stone business the term "Yard Work" takes on a whole new meaning. Late spring and early summer are the busiest times of the year and often work in the yard gets left for another day. In the past couple of weeks we received many loads of stone from our reclamation of the granite from Brewers Fountain on the Boston Common. This material was dumped and needed to be organized. See the rows of granite block all neatly stacked.

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Roughbacks and Weathered Edged Steps

February 21, 2011
BY Gavin Johnston

Roughbacks and Weathered Edge Steps are created by sawing the face of a previously split or the natural cleft face of a stone. The resulting stone has one or (two for steps) rough or irregular surfaced face and the flip side is sawn smooth. Roughbacks can be created as a by-product of making other stone products or they might be made on purpose when for example we saw the faces off old weathered granite building blocks. In either scenario the process is “green” and the resulting product is easy to install and has a very unique look.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Building a Bluestone Patio

October 26, 2010
BY Gavin Johnston

I asked my good friend and all around great guy, Landscape Architect, Jack Tremblay if he might want to communicate some of his extensive knowledge regarding the right way to use bluestone on a landscape construction project. It turned out that he said yes! Check out Jack's do's and don'ts of bluestone installation. If you'd like to consult with Jack grab his contact info at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

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