Good Things in Small Spaces: Thin Brick Tile

Small project…BIG impact!

Here is a small project we recently supplied our Thin Brick Tile to in Atlanta, GA. What a transformation a bit of real antique brick can make in a cool wine bar location. Our  Thin Brick Veneer installs as easily as any tile, but still contains all of the character and texture of a surface that could only come from centuries old, weathering.

The brick stock used here is from our Blackstone Valley Blend, and is a mix of various bricks that were taken down from mills that were built before 1910. The bricks are sorted by ‘standard red’, ‘darks’ and ‘whites’, with a consistent percentage of each used so that the palette remains consistent within this color range.


Thin Brick Tile

Thin Brick Tile in wine bar application


Thin Brick Tile–adds instant character


Stone Farm is happy to assist with everything you need to know regarding the use of Reclaimed Thin Brick Tile in an upcoming project.

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