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Brick Floor Tile: A Reclaimed Highlight on DIY's "I Hate My Kitchen"

April 03, 2014
BY KCharles

IHMKWe were recently contacted by the co-producer of the DIY networks, "I Hate My Kitchen" series with an order request for our thin brick floor tile. As an "on trend" yet always classic look, our brick floor tile, was the perfect solution to add a classic, yet cool focal point to energize the homeowners new kitchen. It certainly was a stand out!

 Brick Floor Tile

Brick Floor Tile 

The brick application was laid in the traditional pattern as well as with a herringbone border for added interest, as seen here by use of both brick floor tile and the narrower herringbone brick strips. It grounds this kitchen adding a strong warmth with old world character that blends seamlessly with the addition of modern cabinetry, appliances and lighting features.

Brick floor tile--a flooring highlight in this new kitchen.
Brick_Floor_Tile - Reclaimed_thin_brick_HGTV1
Herringbone as well as traditional pattern blend seamlessly in this NEW old floor.
Brick was laid in the foyer as well. Note how the herringbone pattern is reflected again in this cool door.
Brick Floor Tile at its best!
Brick Floor Tile

Brick floor tile is just one of many ways that our reclaimed thin brick products can be used. Stone Farm would love to hear from you to discuss the many endless possibilities for your project.

Tel: 877-977-0004

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