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Why Natural Stone Pavers Last Forever and Concrete Does Not

March 07, 2013
BY Gavin Johnston

There is no doubt that concrete pavers are a very popular paving material. They are made to look like natural stone pavers (not very convincingly I would admit) and are one of the cheapest products to purchase and install. However, they are not always the cheapest over time, because they are a temporary product compared to natural stone pavers.

Concrete pavers are crushed stones and cement pressed together in a mold....essentially, they are crushed stones glued together. These look fine at first, but water and the elements quickly degrade these pavers so the small stones start to come through. In the pictures below you can see what water is doing to this paver patio.

2013-01-13 09.25.33 Additional view of concrete paving that has degraded over time.

2013-01-13 09.25.50 Concrete paver that has been degraded over time by water damage.


Reclaimed granite cobblestones do not have the same problem. After well over 100 years of use, these cobblestones have not degraded, but have picked up a handsome patina that makes them even more interesting and character filled! If you are considering a paving project, especially a high traffic area like a driveway, think about granite cobblestones as your natural stone paver of choice. Simply put...it is a better looking and longer term alternative to a concrete paver.

Big Dig Medium cobblestone driveway Reclaimed cobbles used as driveway material--full of character with a great patina!

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