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Reclaimed Stone: Architecturally Speaking......

April 01, 2013
BY KCharles

We at Stone Farm had the pleasure of attending the Architectural Digest show this past weekend at Pier 94 in NYC. As a result we were able to interact with an eclectic mix of architects as well as homeowners over the course of four days and talk stone---in the reclaimed sense!

By exclusively featuring our reclaimed product line, including our European cobbles, reclaimed curbstone, Big Dig Cobbles and antique brick thin veneer, we were able to get a great sense of feedback as to what our hot stone trends are as we rapidly move into Spring/Summer 2013.

Three of our standouts for 2013:

  • New England Thin Brick Veneer: Slicing down reclaimed brick from old New England Mill buildings allows us to showcase the wonderful patina present in this brick, in places never possible before such as flooring and interior walls.
  • Junior Curbstone Paving: A popular vintage look! Our Stone Farm visitors were inspired by seeing the worn edges and "soft" surfaces of our antique curbing reminiscent of oversized cobbles. Project possibilities for this stone are extremely varied in scope.
  • European Flat Cobbles - Our Belgian cobbles provide color ranges and shapes not available from cobbles reclaimed in the United States. Our customers found this product intriguing with its broad color spectrum spanning from grey, green earthy tones to unusual blues. Cobbles may also be used sliced side up to allow for a smoother surface. Great if you need to walk in high heeled shoes!

AD Image Stone Farm Booth-Architectural Digest Show

AD1 Our reclaimed stone product line

Curb blog Reclaimed junior curbstone sample


We are happy to answer any additional questions or queries regarding your stone project. Please contact Stone Farm at:

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