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Driveway Stones as Manly Aprons

January 10, 2013
BY Gavin Johnston

When is an Apron considered Manly? when it is made of reclaimed paving, specifically reclaimed slabs of granite! A stone driveway apron is a great visual device to seperate the street from your property. One of the more traditional materials used are paving cobbles, specifically old cobblestones. Depending on the shape size and color of the cobblestones a variety of looks can be achieved.

Beige toned paving cobbles

Reclaimed paving apron created from jumbo and medium old cobblestones.


For a solid granite paving look consider using old curb stones laid on their sides. This gives a solid look while also providing the old world character of reclaimed paving stones.

Old Curbing stone used as a driveway stone apron

standard curb apron The weathering and wearing on this long slab of old curbstones is fantastic....can't seem to get that with new stuff.


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