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Innovation in Reclaimed Cobbles? Introducing, the Flat Cobble

October 17, 2013
BY Stonelak

I've seen a lot of old cobblestones - whether they're still existing in old streets or plazas, or freshly installed for new driveways. We always talk about their rich patina or 'weathered tops,' but in reality, there is a negative characteristic - they do not make for a completely flat surface! Some people want the authentic look and feel of the true, old cobbles. For them, they love the rough texture and embrace it. For others, we hear the same concern: "I don't want to walk on this in my high-heals," or, "I don't like that bumpy feeling when I drive." Everyone is different, and that is why we love the option of the reclaimed Flat Cobble.

Here is a picture I took on a walking path in Lier, Belgium. You can see where flat cobble meets rough cobble.

Here is a section where a walking path, meets a street in Lier. Here is a section where a walking path, meets a street in Lier.

In the photo below, you can see on the top, the surface is smooth. The underside of these cobbles have the "classic" rough look you see in most places throughout Europe. The top section in this photo, is a walking path that has scattered restaurants along the side. The bottom leads into a well traveled road.

A little nicer on the feet....... A little nicer on the feet.......

A few years back, when European contractors were asked to re-pave streets, a new technology was developed where the contractor would slice off the top of the 'old cobble', and then RE-INSTALL it! What a brilliant idea! Not only does the product get recycled, but now it has a flat surface (this was especially great for walking areas). What we enjoyed seeing on our trip - even though it had a 'newer' look, were the old cobbles. They had those distinct, unique outlines that added to the old world charm.

Stone Farm buys the tops of these cobbles. The nice ones we sort as 'Antique'; but in reality, the worn, smooth top is still our favorite look. Should the cobbles contain blemishes (tar, divots, ect.), we simply flip them over and use the flat side.

If you love old reclaimed cobbles like us, but prefer a flatter, smoother surface-- it's now available. We have these in stock in our Newtown, CT warehouse. Feel free to stop by and check them out!

Here are a few more pictures from my recent trip to Belgium where I noticed the flat cobbles were used.

Flat Cobble - Lier, Belgium Flat Cobble - Lier, Belgium


A little nicer to bike ride on this.  As the guys on the Tour de France what they'd prefer. A little nicer to bike ride on this. Especially the guys in the Tour de France!

Thinking reclaimed cobblestone driveway or character filled walkway with European flair--we would love to hear from you! Let's chat!

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