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The Completed Phase of Our Cobblestone Driveway Project: Rowayton, CT

November 19, 2013
BY KCharles

Welcome back to our finalized reclaimed cobblestone driveway project on the border of Rowayton and Norwalk, CT near Wilson Cove!

I was recently able to shoot some great finalized photos of this project, depicting the look and feel of what the homeowners had hope to achieve by tying in their "waters edge" home with a distinct beach feel, to a reclaimed cobblestone driveway installation complete with beach pebble edging.

Big Dig Cobblestone Driveway The Big Picture: Beach vibe property and our finished reclaimed Big Dig cobblestone driveway.

Reclaimed Cobblestone Driveway Approaching view of the reclaimed Big Dig cobblestone driveway.

Close up view of Big Dig Cobbles These cobblestones depict the natural look and varied patina the homeowners were looking for.

Patina of beach pebbles and cobblestones Beach pebble edging with wonderful patina!


The client wanted to carry through the look of their casual, "beach toned vibe" home, with the installation of this cobblestone driveway. In doing so, the installer created this look by using Big Dig cobblestones that contained a more irregular look--the bumpier the better! These un-machined cobbles were then mixed up to create a non-uniform look and feel. To allow the cobblestones to display more of their natural character, they were then set in mortar using the "raked back" method of installation. This allows the mortar to be set at a lower level, enhancing the cobbles bumpiness and allowing the tops to become more pronounced. All in all, this process showcases the cobbles themselves, giving them a stronger but more casual focal point.

Directly across the street is where the second half of this exciting project continues. Hanging on the edge of this rocky inlet, is the Rockport granite block firepit and table with natural stone seating, along with the haphazard placement of our Ginormous patio stone pavers. Its as if you just stumbled upon a natural seating environment! What a fun place to hang out and take in the views and wildlife!

Rockport Granite Table & Firepit with Ginormous Patio Pavers Rockport Granite Blocks used to create firepit, seating area and table, along with our Ginormous Pavers as a natural patio element.

Rockport Granite Table & Seating Area Rockport Granite Table & Seating Area

Rockport Granite Firepit Rockport Granite Firepit

Rowayton Ginormous Ginormous pavers as a natural patio element.


We at Stone Farm are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the implementation of a project such as this...the more creative the better!

Please contact Stone Farm at:


Tel: 877-977-0004

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