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The Many Varied Uses Of Reclaimed Granite Curbing

March 25, 2014
BY Gavin Johnston

At Stone Farm one of the materials we harvest most frequently is our reclaimed granite curbing. Granite curbing has been in use around New England since at least the 1860's. The New England granite industry flourished from those early days up to the 1920's when there were literally hundreds of granite quarries throughout New England. After the 1920's granite as a building material lost momentum and the industry was virtually lost. One of the few products still made in real quantity in New England is granite curbing.

While the technology changed and the look of the curbstone changed as well, the basic shape and function did not. Curbing is made to hold back the earth from the streets and hence the pieces are generally 12-18" in height and 3-8' in length. These dimensions help make reclaimed curbing very functional once it has been removed from a street or parking lot.

Here are some of the uses Stone Farm customers have found for the granite curbing we have reclaimed:

Curbing as pavers - What we love about using reclaimed granite curbing as a paving material is the long linear looks that can be achieved by butting them close together and in longer courses.

Reclaimed_curbing_paving_Montana A great example of reclaimed granite curbing used as paving.

Curbing as steps - This was one of the first uses for the first generation material...the tops are very rustic and textured and at 6-8" when laid down is a perfect riser height and the widths are generally 18" which makes a great tread depth. Old curb makes great landscape steps!

IMAG1616 Reclaimed Granite Curbstone makes the perfect tread for this rustic garden setting.

Capstones - Due to their longer length and worn tops using old curbing as a capstone is a great use.

Reclaimed_curbstone_capstone Reclaimed Granite Curbing makes a rustic topper to this granite wall, finished off with use as a pillar.

Posts - One of our newer ideas was to take slightly misshaped, but very worn curbstone and to split into posts. The resulting posts are generally 6-8"x6-8" and from 4-8' in length....all kinds of uses for these newly split ,but completely rustic posts.

Reclaimed_curbing_posts Reclaimed granite posts ready for installation!

We at Stone Farm are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding these creative uses for Reclaimed Granite Curbing in your upcoming hardscape project.

Please contact Stone Farm at:


Tel: 877-977-0004

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