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Reclaimed Granite Blocks: A Perfect Choice for Sea Wall Material!

December 15, 2014
BY KCharles


eastriverstatepk East River Park beach with stunning views of Manhattan in the distance.

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy took its toll on many areas throughout sections of Brooklyn as well as parts of New York City. One park that was desperate for a renovation due to extensive flooding was the East River Park in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Known for its cool, hipster vibe, and stunning views of the Manhatten Skyline, this park was in need of a sea wall, among other updates, to allow for future protection against erosion as well as creating a cohesive visual element to this area. As the original site of a 19th-century shipping dock, complete with cobblestone streets and old railroad tracks embedded in concrete, using reclaimed granite blocks for the sea wall material seemed like the perfect choice.

The waterfront has since been spruced up with more beach sand, a new kayak launch as well as the sea wall created with reclaimed granite provided by Stone Farm. The park reopened this past September much to the happiness of the local Williamsburg community.

EastRiverPark_ReclaimedSeaWall These large reclaimed granite blocks make for the perfect bench or retaining wall as possible alternative uses.

The blocks used in this project are 24" tall and ranged from 2-6' in length. Originating from an old railroad trestle from the Comeau Bridge in Haverhill, MA that spanned across the Merrimack River--we feel this is a pretty creative use for old reclaimed granite blocks!

Betterbeach Reopening ceremony of the shoreline area of the park to the public.

This type of project is just one of many in our varied scope of both commercial as well as residential project possibilities. Stone Farm would love to hear from you to discuss your project needs.

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