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Reclaimed Curbing on Lake Winnipesaukee

November 26, 2014
BY KCharles

New Hampshire is known as the Granite State for good reason! It's a plentiful resource here--especially along the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. One of our most recent multi-season projects features our reclaimed curbing, foundation stone and granite blocks as key building materials in the exterior renovation of this summer retreat.

Let's talk highlights!

Patio: A combination of foundation stone and older style curbing pieces were used here. The top and bottom sections of this material show significant wearing, giving the patio a relaxed, laid back style.

Reclaimed Granite patio A relaxed feel was achieved here by using foundation stone and older style curbing.


A strong patina is present in this reclaimed curbstone. Natural weathering with a great patina is highlighted here-- and WHAT a view!

Moat: The 30" high wall around the guest house, features a combination of curbing and foundation stone used vertically to create the strong visual lines of this moat. Both form and function are at play here. The moat will serve as both an ornamental element as well a drainage aid--an important factor here since this house has a lower than normal foundation and sits very close to ground level.

Vertical curbing forms this moat Curbing used in a vertical fashion creates the perfect height for this moat--the green patina and old notches lend character.

Jetty: Created by using a newer style of standard curbing, this jetty takes on a more dimensional look due to the tightness of the joints.

Reclaimed curbing forms this jetty. A reclaimed curbstone jetty with a spectacular view--complete with a serene place to sit and contemplate life.


Reclaimed curb jetty extends back towards the property. View from the gazebo looking back towards the property. The stone had nice crisp sawn edges for a very tight joint.


Gazebo: The sides of the gazebo were topped with old weathered curbing used as capstones to further tie in the use of reclaimed granite.

Gazebo topped with old curbing capstones. The old curbing ties in perfectly with the New England fieldstone used in this gazebo.

Landing: Here, granite blocks reclaimed from old railroad trestles in Newburyport, MA are used to create the steps for this landing. In both 4 x4' & 5x5' dimensions, these somewhat unusually sized stones worked well here.

Reclaimed Landing Granite blocks reclaimed from old railroad trestles take these wooden stairs to another level!






With the architecture of the home and outbuildings conveying a modern edge, blending it in with the natural surroundings was the ultimate goal here. As you can see...it was achieved seamlessly!

From commercial projects to residential creativeness, Stone Farm would love to hear from you when you are contemplating your next reclaimed stone project and are happy to discuss all aspects--from patina to planning!

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