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Creating a Reclaimed Stone Veneer Landscape Wall

June 26, 2015
BY KCharles
We love to tell a good story with photos and this one fits the bill perfectly! Reclaimed Stone Veneer is a versatile product that can allow for some varied project applications, always with a unique end result.


         Step 1: The granite is prepared for splitting and trimming the material.


A drill is used to start the process of shaping the veneer into squares and rectangles.


A perfect initial break is created. From this stage, two more pieces will be created.
Stone Farm's stone veneer is harvested from a variety of sources such as curbing, cobblestones, reclaimed foundation blocks and parts of old buildings. It is then sorted by color, texture, and shape. The next stage is to split it and trim it down to squares and rectangles with dimensions being from 4-7" thick. This blend then comes together to create a unique combination of weathered and worn stone. Taking it one step further, this stone can be sawn into a thin veneer, that then becomes a cool application for the side of a house or an interior accent wall. It's not just for the landscape any more!


Recl_Granite_6inch_veneer5 Packaged on pallets for easy distribution, this is one versatile product!


A unique landscape wall is completed!

Stone Farm would love to hear from you to discuss the customizable uses of reclaimed stone veneer. The project possibilities are both endless and out of the box!

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