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Building a More Unique Granite Block Retaining Wall

April 27, 2015
BY KCharles

Pictured here is one COOL reclaimed stone wall! What's the secret? The use of semi-dimensional granite blocks!

reclaimed granite block wall 2


Retaining walls are truly a staple of landscape construction and design, serving as both a design element as well as a structure that retains soil and unnatural slopes. We see these walls all around us in the environment. What is it that makes one wall more beautiful or unique over another? It comes down to the shape, texture and color of the stone and how it all comes together as a finished product. The use of semi-dimensional granite blocks can certainly aid in achieving this look!


Larger blocks mean less labor is needed! This is a good thing!


Semi-dimensional granite blocks traditionally come from a variety of resources that range from old railroad trestle supports to vintage mill foundations. The end result is NOT a uniform look. A mix of rough and smooth faces and textures in various sizes combined with a variety of patinas allow for a wall to take shape that will always be a one of a kind stand out.


A unique outdoor patio and sitting area constructed using the BIG blocks.


The thickness of these walls will be approximately 18-20" giving a strength and durability that will stand the test of time. As these walls are being constructed, small cobblestones and other reclaimed granite pieces are used to fill in open spaces adding yet another layer of character.


mixed reclaimed granite wall (1)
Why does this wall stand out? Patina!
Stone Farm currently has great stock on these granite blocks. Please contact us to discuss project possibilities from a unique stone wall to an accent piece or even something out of the box!

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