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Antique Granite Sheep Posts

June 12, 2010
BY Gavin Johnston

I recently had a favorite customer (He is a favorite not only because he is a cool guy that loves stone as much as I do ,but because he is always asks me to find the funky hard to get stuff!) ask me to find a bunch (90) of old granite posts to edge a garden with.

The property is up on a hill and surrounded by giant ledge out croppings so an organic shaped post was a must. Check out what I found.

Sheep Posts Antique Granite Sheep Posts

Notice on this post the wedged shaped marks. Those help us date the posts to the 1800's or earlier. The more common round drill marks were not used until the 1900's. See the wire collar? Most of these posts came with them. The farmer used it as a way to help string new wire or fix what was already there. It is pretty evident that the farm hand split all of these posts from material right on site.

Lastly these came off the last sheep farm in Vermont. When was that? Late 1820's, sheep farming was no longer profitable in Vermont. We have a bunch of these left in the 5 foot to 6 foot range. Let us know if you'd like more information on these. I love em'!

email me if you want to talk sheep posts or anything else about stone gjohnston@stonefarmliving.com

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