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Starbucks Revisited: Reclaimed Thin Brick gets a Fresh Jolt!

November 05, 2014
BY KCharles

We enjoy perusing through Entrepreneur Magazine occasionally here at Stone Farm. While reading the recent August edition, we stumbled across an article featuring the new Starbucks in New Orleans--the same Starbucks we supplied our Thin Brick Veneer to this year, a very pleasant surprise indeed!

It was a combination of seeing this article, as well as Steve's parents sending us a photo of themselves actually IN this very same Starbucks on vacation; that made us sit down and write an additional blog on one of our favorite projects.

It seems that "Local Relevance" is the buzz word out there these days and this Starbucks fits the bill perfectly. With a bit more visual detail here, you get a flavor of how cool this space is, how our Thin Brick blended in seamlessly with the original brick, and the attention to the local history, that went into this renovated space.

Is this a Starbucks or a museum that oozes the true feel of the French Quarter? No matter which way you look at it, this is a space not to be missed if you're in the local area. It's a true slice of history and culture, all under one roof.

Who wouldn't love some down time from the bustling French Quarter in this great space?

starbucks_reclaimedthinbrick1 Seen from this great angle, Reclaimed Thin Brick panels carry the flavor to the surrounding windows and along to the wall that this canvas is mounted on--a seamless tie-in. Depicted in this canvas is the iconic Starbuck siren and a seen from the merchant shipping days. We also love this reclaimed wood table with traditional schoolhouse chairs!

Image above by Matthew Glec in affiliation with Starbucks

Interior: Starbucks Reclaimed thin brick veneer panels, blend in seamlessly to the original brick that was present in this space.

photo New co-workers here at Stone Farm? Nope....its Steve's parents enjoying thin brick, and a good cup of coffee with the flavor of N'awlins!

Ultimately, that Mocha Cappucino purchase has now become an immersive history lesson on the deep south housed within an old apothecary complete with merchant shipping flair. Our Reclaimed Thin Brick only enhances that experience!

If you're inspired to use our Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer in your commercial or residential space--Stone Farm would love to hear from you!

Original Starbucks Blog Post

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