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Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer--An Inspirational Element in this Creative Commercial Space

September 11, 2014
BY KCharles

We LOVE the concept behind Muse Paint Bar! In fact--we will be heading down to South Norwalk, CT soon for a night of painting amongst our Thin Brick! It does not get any better than that..especially when you include wine and appetizers in the mix!

Muse combines painting instruction with a restaurant and bar, offering the perfect night out for both budding and seasoned artists alike. Totaling five locations at this point and still growing, the idea is certainly catching on here in New England!

Charged with creating a new inspirational ambience in the latest space in South Norwalk, CT, the owners of Muse approached us with a request for Thin Brick Veneer. It was the perfect choice for this hip, inspirational space and at the same time compliments both the artistic vibe as well as the barnwood accents.

Muse Paint Bar-Thin Brick Veneer Muse Paint Bar ready to roll with work stands, paint and artwork against a backdrop of Thin Brick Veneer.

Muse Color options literally pop off this wall of Thin Brick Veneer.

Muse Rustic: One word that describes the look, feel and patina of our Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer.

Muse Finished works of art are highlighted against a backdrop of reclaimed barnwood and Thin Brick Veneer.

From commercial projects to residential creativeness, we would love to hear from you when you are contemplating your next Reclaimed Thin Brick project and are happy to discuss all aspects--the sky is the limit!

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