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Is Salvaging Brick a Crime? Not when making Reclaimed Thin Brick!

June 21, 2013
BY KCharles

We certainly don't think salvaging brick is a crime, here at Stone Farm! Forget attempting to use a processed thin brick veneer that is made to look weathered---It is our business to search out and find old dilapidated mills, schools and factories, and reclaim the original bricks. This allows our customers to use bricks that show the true character of vintage bricks, the type that have been weathered for over a century.

The authentic look of aged brick is clearly seen here in the old Charles Street Jail that was built in 1822 and housed several famous inmates. Today, this jail has been turned into the refined Liberty Hotel, a highly sought out destination in Boston. It's bricks like these, that we here at Stone Farm reclaim, and then slice to 1/2" thick. This allows for the same look to be obtained, whether it be in your house or a commercial property.

Old Brick Wall Within the Liberty Hotel, Boston MA


Charles St Jail Charles Street Jail


For years, we have done 'special orders,' and cut down certain spec'd bricks for our customers. Now, we have a large supply of not only bricks from mills circa 1910, but also of that same brick in 1/2" thickness. Additionally, we also manufacture corners, to ensure that when your project is finished, it looks like a real 'full brick' was used. We have some great projects underway with pictures coming soon---so stay tuned!


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