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Brick Veneer Series – How Are Baby Bricks Born?

October 11, 2013
BY Stonelak

As I was wandering through Lier, walking across a gorgeous cobble-laid bridge, I happened to notice this stately building with unusually small bricks. It struck me as odd-- the bricks were considerably smaller than the others in the buildings that surrounded it. I asked the local gentleman who was walking with me, where these baby bricks came from. He gave me the same look my son gave me when he asked where his little sister came from.

As most bricks range from 2 ¼” (US) high to 2 ¾” high (most European bricks), I can only assume this was some sort of odd-lot, as they didn’t even measure 2”. It then reminded me of the time our office manager bought envelopes at the Dollar Store………we probably spent $5 in tape, in order for them to make it to their destination un-opened. I can only hope this mason charged by the piece and not the square foot!

Baby Brick-Bridge Stately building built with unusually small bricks in Lier.

Baby Brock-closeup 2 Close up view of "baby bricks".

This is just one of the many architecturally unusual elements I came across while stumbling through Belgium. This one in particular really caught my eye and goes hand in hand with the fact that I simply love reclaimed brick and cobbles and its texture and character simply cannot be beat by any other material.

More great photos to come your way from Belgium! We hope our photos give you some great ideas to include in your next outdoor living project! Please contact us so we can help set your design plans in motion!

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