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Brick, Brew and Chocolate - Baltimore

January 30, 2015
BY Stonelak

If you followed some of my posts from Belgium last year, you know that I love Brick, Brew (beer or coffee!), and chocolate! In essence, 3 simple reasons why I loved Brugges so much. A recent quick trip to Baltimore showed me some of the same!

We are currently working on a project with Details Construction - who have a great 'deconstruction' project going on in Baltimore, which is documented nicely in their blog: Baltimorebrickbybrick.com. We are buying brick that they are reclaiming, to cut into thin brick veneer. The night before I got to meet their team and see the project, someone recommended I check out XS.

If you like open space, the warm feel of brick, and of course chocolate and beer, this place nails it (they are really known for Sushi)! I didn't even want the chocolate, but when I saw they had Chocolate Lasagna on the menu, it had to be ordered! Check this restaurant out if you happen to be in the local area.

XS-Baltimore-OldBrick-Beer-Chocolate This photo says it all! A good brew, my chocolate lasagna and of course reclaimed brick creating a really great ambience!

XS-Baltimore-OldBrick2 A great local restaurant find in the heart of Baltimore--the architectural highlight here: reclaimed brick..of course!

XS-Baltimore-OldBrick1 Beloved Baltimore brick creates both warmth and ambience at XS.


If you're inspired to use our Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer to transform your commercial or residential space--Stone Farm would love to hear from you! And...stay tuned for more on our Baltimore Brick story!

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