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A Baltimore Brick Tale, By John Houlihan

July 13, 2015
BY KCharles


Baltimore Brick Samples Baltimore Brick Up Close & Personal

As you may have heard, our newest blend of reclaimed thin brick from Baltimore has quite the story behind it, and at the same time supports a great cause that involves, both repurposing old materials as well as providing employment opportunities for its local residents. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel down to Baltimore to have an up close and personal look for myself and at the same time discuss a unique project that is currently underway.

Upon my arrival, I met with Max Pollock, the Materials Manager at Details Deconstruction. They are a social enterprise of Humanim, a 501 (c) (3) based in Baltimore that uses deconstruction as a means towards creating employment, reducing waste sent to landfills, and salvaging the materials for reuse.


Baltimore brick deconstruction
The deconstruction process begins! The Baltimore Brick row houses were built between 1905-1915.

On the day of my visit, the unit they were working on had been built back in 1905. The construction methods used at that time called for the brick to be used both structurally as well as aesthetically. Brick was used not only used on the outside walls but was also used on the inner and fire walls as well. The overall color of this brick trends towards the orange spectrum as opposed to the darker reds found in our New England blends. This is due to the natural clay colors found in the regions. Soot stained blacks, as well as elements of lime-washed pieces, are also present, ultimately giving this blend its unique overall character.


Workers sort the brick on site.
Workers sort the brick on site.


Before the brick sorting has begun.
One or many piles to be sorted.

Along with endless pieces of brick being sorted for reuse, I was able to look over piles of beautiful wood beams, and stacks of wood flooring. All of this reclaimed material was on its way to the warehouse for further prepping. The majority of the wood had already been sold. Max also pointed out some interesting palletized marble steps. The marble was cut from the same quarry as the stone cut for the Washington Monument!

The final step in the process was stacking and palletizing for transport. Many of them being shipped to Stone Farm in New England, then of course cut into the product we know and love-- thin brick veneer! Baltimore brick is palletized and ready to roll!

Baltimore brick is palletized and ready to roll!

The story of the historic San Domingo Farm, c. 1805 in St Michaels, MD circles us back to our current project topic. The homeowner wanted to tie in the garage/carriage house with the existing historic home. This was made possible by changing the architecture of the building from a saltbox style to a Cape Cod and then enhancing the exterior with a full veneer application of Baltimore Brick. The end result was continuity in both structures.


Baltimore Brick Carriage House progression.
Baltimore Brick makes a historic statement on the exterior of this carriage house.

Contact Stone Farm should this story and product line peak your interest! The project possibilities are endless with this unique repurposed material, from accent walls and kitchen backsplashes to instant ambience for a man-cave or a wine bar.

If you are in the mid-Atlantic region, Stone Farm also keeps palletized product in our Maryland yard for a quicker turnaround.

Follow Stone Farm on Instagram & Pinterest!

And....be sure to follow Baltimore Brick By Brick--a great blog written by Max Pollock, updated with the latest finds from the streets of Baltimore--always a good read!


John Houlihan, Stone Farm Rep.

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