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Warmth Under The Stars: Using Kits to Build Your Outdoor Fireplace

May 01, 2013
BY KCharles

It's time to move the party outside!

Having trouble heading back inside as sunny spring days turn cold at sunset? An outdoor fireplace is a great way to extend the livability of your outdoor space into the evening. While fire pits and fire as art are all the rage, the traditional fireplace offers so much more than physical warmth. One product to consider is our fireplace kit as part of your backyard setting. It will add an instant element of light, warmth and character.

Building with our outdoor fireplace kits:

With old fashioned masonry fireplaces becoming a lost art, and the industry sacrificing quality and longevity, Stone Age has developed a product that offers a customizable natural stone fireplace product! By using masonry construction, these fireplace kits offer both easy assembly and affordable pricing, while at the same time standing up to the harsh elements of any outdoor climate. Once the kit is assembled and in place you simply need to add your natural stone veneer of choice and you have a beautiful look customized to your own style and surrounding elements.

Stone Age fireplaces are composed of specially engineered materials that will give owners many years of low-maintenance, worry-free use. These fireplaces are UL-127 tested and approved to provide homeowners with the satisfaction that they have a durable product that will last, add value to their home, and instantly create that missing element in an outdoor living space--the ambience of FIRE.

Our fireplace kits come packaged in three different sizes: 24, 36, and 48 inch designations in the following styles:

Standard Series:

Standard Series Outdoor Fireplace kit comes complete with everything needed to construct the fireplace unit, except mortar and finishing materials. Chimney sections, firebrick, hearth and support legs are all part of the package, simplifying your preparation and installation. Arched lintels are also standard items.

  • Available in 3 sizes: 24, 36 & 48 plus a 36 see-through
  • Wood burning or gas log option
  • Storage for wood
  • Fully customizable with arched or straight fire box top

Contractor Series:

The Contractor Series Fireplace Kit is distilled down to its essential components of fireplace and chimney leaving for a custom base and hearth to be built.

  • Available in 3 sizes: 24, 36 & 48 plus a 36 see-through
  • Wood burning or gas log option
  • Fully customizable with arched or straight fire box top

Veranda Series:

The Veranda Series Fireplace Kit offers a fireplace product with a smaller setting in mind. This fireplace provides a true, masonry wood-burning experience in a small package! Perfect if your tight on space.
  • Available size is 18" & still offers a wood storage box.

Fireplace Kit Talking Points:

  • Use of temperature resistant, refractory concrete with solid wall construction and reinforcements.
  • Well designed draft, allowing for minimal smoke spillage
  • Easy assembly in 3 to 4 hours (not including adhering of veneer)
  • Usage - as an outdoor fireplace does not radiate a ton of heat, it is usually a 'show-piece' or focal point of a landscape.
  • All units are tested to meet UL-127 & UL-103.

See Photo examples below:

Standard Kit Desing Standard Kit Design

Standard Kit-Pre Veneer Phase Standard Kit-Pre Veneer Phase

Standard Series Fireplace Kit Standard Series Fireplace Kit

Standard Series Fireplace Kit Standard Series Fireplace Kit

Are you ready to enjoy your new outdoor fireplace this summer? Give us a call and we can assist you in the process--start to finish!

Please contact Stone Farm at:

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