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Three Simple Steps to Creating an Outdoor Flaming Boulder

December 23, 2014
BY KCharles

We LOVE the look of these Flaming Boulders--they are a unique addition to any outdoor living space! We take boulders naturally found in wooded New England landscapes and simply modify them to allow for a propane or natural gas hookup. Flames flicker out of the stone like magic with a push of a button. With an adjustable valve, you can create a high or low flame depending on the mood.

From a large natural stone to a beautiful Outdoor Flaming Boulder in 3 easy steps!
1. Select a granite boulder from our stone yard. This can either be done in person if your local to our yard or via photograph. We stock a selection of natural boulders with specs that range from 18 x 24-30" round with varying tops. Flat tops are a great bonus if you plan to use the boulder to set beverages on the edge.
2. Decide whether you want to use propane or natural gas as your fuel source.
3. Decide whether you want to use lava rock with campfire style logs or glass pebble media based on your own personal design elements. Leave it with us and we will do the rest!

From a Basic Boulder (1) One of out latest projects! A flaming boulder that sits on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, NH.
Flaming boulders are a great addition to the landscape and a highlight for any season! We particularly love the shape of this one that was installed by one a Del. R. Gilbert & Son Block Co. Inc. contractor.
Give Stone Farm a call if you're interested in choosing one of our unique boulders!

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