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Building An Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Modular Units

March 13, 2014
BY KCharles

In the past, Stone Farm has pushed our modular cabinets for outdoor kitchens. We like this system because of the ease of installation, and its ability to still provide a strong, stable foundation for appliances and kitchen equipment that may then be covered with any masonry finish. This is why we started using these same concrete units for our outdoor fireplaces and firepits! As seen at our recent dealer training, we were able to put together this system in 5 minutes. The only step omitted was the cutout phase. Either way...these are a much better option than building from cinder block and much more durable than using wood.

We do realize that there are some masons and contractors that still prefer the basic concrete form over metal. This system may change your way of thinking. In addition to the lightweight, concrete material, this system offers a broad range of sizes and custom options available, allowing for a broad range of flexibility with design options. One cool element in this mix are the radiused pieces and backsplashes, that allow for the creation of curved, flowing lines vs. the standard "L" or "U" shaped outdoor kitchens.

Dealer Training Event Even Steve can lift this concrete modular slab easily!


Dealer Training Event The simple building process of this concrete modular unit for an outdoor kitchen.

DSC_0112 Close to completion---this concrete modular unit took about 5 minutes at assemble.

finalkitchen_outdoormodular1 Completed building phase of Concrete Modular Units

finalkitchen_outdoor modular Concrete Modular Units waiting for veneering.

Should the easibility of this outdoor modular kitchen cabinet system spark your interest, Stone Farm is here to work out the simple details with you!

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Tel: 877-977-0004

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