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Technology making custom outdoor kitchens with natural stone easier than ever.

May 20, 2010
BY Stonelak

If you follow or simply love Outdoor Living, you hear it everywhere: ‘Outdoor Kitchens are Hot.’ It makes sense – kitchens are the centerpiece of the inside of the home, and once good weather hits, why not make it the center of the outside of the home. However, what is also driving this trend is technology that is allowing outdoor kitchens to be made more quickly, customizable, and at more affordable prices than ever.

Basically the combination of outdoor modular kitchen cabinets, along with thin veneer stones, has made a long tedious planning and building process, simple. There are basically four different types of outdoor kitchen cabinets: Grill cabinets, accessory cabinets, filler cabinets and angle cabinets. Since angle cabinets typically come rounded or angular, at 33, 45 or 90 degrees, you can virtually design any type of kitchen. Screwing together and leveling these cabinets, take not days, but hours. The best part is that after you put together your cabinets, you can immediately start adhering thin veneer stones (or tile or stucco), and have a counter-top company templating for the final finish.

The main reason outdoor modular cabinets have made it easier to build kitchens is because of the ease of sliding in the stainless accessories. Five years ago if you looked on-line at outdoor kitchens, 80% seemed to be a long wall with a grill sticking out. Why? Because it was so hard (and expensive) to build cut outs for trashes, drawers, or ice chests when building out of cinder block and cement. With new outdoor modular cabinets, accessories slide right in after you veneer.


So what could have taken weeks to build, can now take days. More importantly, the customer knows what they are getting – no ‘unpleasant’ surprises. Sound too good to be true? Over the next few weeks I will be shooting some videos of these installations in Connecticut and Rhode Island. I hope you come back and check it out!

In the meantime, if you are planning a kitchen and have any questions, email me directly at ssinglak@stonefarmliving.com

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