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Check Out our New Digs - We've Moved in!

March 13, 2017
BY Stephen Singlak

At long last we have moved into our new space. Many of you probably saw it prior to renovation when we had our big kick-off party. Here’s a peek at what it looks like now, and what more is to come.

The warehouse.

The gym and meeting space for the prior church was just the space we needed to grow our operations. We kept the basketball hoop for lunchtime games of pig and horse, but gutted the rest to make room for storing Summerset Grills, and manufacturing our Stone Age outdoor fireplace and fire pit kits!!!!

SFbeforeparty.jpg SFofficeparty.jpg

Stone Farm manufactures in the USA.jpg

The office.

Our new digs are open and rich in Stone Farm flavor. We opened up the previous maze of walls for an open space design featuring our Vicerage gray brick. Thanks to architect Jonathon Kost,  the design eye of Caitlin Hogan and the craftsmanship from the Barn Beam Company, our offices are a place that we want to wake up for!






Reclaimed and re-used products are a big part of Stone Farm's personality. When designing we wanted to make sure we incorporated re-used products (which also helped the budget!). These included: light fixtures that were re-used and hung, old furniture that we spray-painted black to fit the vibe of our new digs.

SFlightsbefore.jpgSFlights after-2.jpgPaintingFurniture.jpg





Then we visited our new favorite place right here in Connecticut, GetBack, in search of some unique office accents. The desk below is made from a handy furniture clamp from the 1800’s. The clamp was used for commercial use in a furniture factory and when they glued up the pieces they put them in a clamp so that they could exert pressure to close the joints tight. The clamp originally had a wheel at one end and cast iron brackets on the top where they placed their work pieces and turned the wheel to close the clamp brackets. The top of the desk is an old butcher block and the pine is from an old hardware store which closed. 
SFFurnitureClamp.jpgSFdesk after.jpg










Lastly, at the heart of the office is an old barrel table that we use for brainstorming sessions and happy hours. The barrel Is from and old paper mill in Connecticut and is probably early 1900's. The craftsman from GetBack then created this top which is made from reclaimed pine from a hardware store in Meriden, CT.


Coming Soon!

The Stone Farm showroom. In the showroom we will host grilling lessons, cooking sessions and more. As the weather turns to Spring and Summer, we will also host an outdoor showroom to try products and host events. More to come!

Updating our office space was fun, but you know we love the outdoors - stay tuned over the next few months as we build more outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces and showcase some new cooking gear!


Feel free to stop in and visit. The door is always open (and we usually have beer). 

Best, Steve and the Stone Farm Team



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