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How We Can Completely Change The Way You Use Your Outdoor Grill

April 29, 2016
BY Mary Blackburn



Hello--I'm Mary Blackburn! I was excited to join Stone Farm this past winter in the role of outdoor living sales and outdoor kitchen design.  With spring in full swing, I’m pumped to start designing AND grilling! I come to Stone Farm with a background in customer service and a passion for the outdoors. I have a degree in Landscape Architecture from UMass Amherst and I enjoy designing outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and practical.

With a passion for spending time outdoors that includes both grilling and entertaining, I find myself eager to test out new recipes and experiment with creative ways to cook on the grill. 

Our line of Summerset grills includes something for everyone and all budgets.

From the Sketch Phase.......


To Reality



Our grills offer versatility that is BEYOND BELIEF:


1. The included rotisserie kit is great to slow roast chicken, prime rib, rack of pork, turkey legs or, my favorite…a whole pineapple for desert!   


2. I love to use the smoker tray to make an apple wood smoked salmon, but you can use hickory, cherry or oak chunks too.


3. The ceramic briquettes absorb heat from the burners and helps to cook foods more evenly and prevent flare ups. They are super easy to clean too.


4. The sear burner insert allows you to lock in juices and flavor quickly and keep steaks moist and tender. Fire it up and get a quick burn on each side before finishing the steak on the grill over low heat.


5. Perhaps I’m the most excited about the new AMG DUAL FUEL grill!!! As much as I love the convenience and versatility of propane, I really miss the taste of grilling with charcoal. Now we’ve got the best of both worlds and more!




Whether you’re a hard core “winter griller”, a serious foodie, love to entertain outdoors, or all of the above like me, we’ve got you covered in the grilling department! Be sure to reach out to Stone Farm so that we can start your outdoor living transformation.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Planning your outdoor space

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