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Best in Brick: Patagonia New Haven

October 16, 2017
BY Stone Farm

This month in Brick at its Best, we take a look at the new Patagonia store in New Haven, CT. with designer Cornerstone Design.

: Patagonia Store in New Haven, CT.

Brick of Choice: New England Mill Blend

Look They Desired: The brand (Patagonia) has a deep respect for the environment so they choose recycled and reclaimed materials whenever possible in the design of their retails spaces.

Their Story:

The designer knew Stone Farm from a previous project a few years ago. Knowing the retail space would need to use recycled and reclaimed materials to align with the brand, Cornerstone looked to Stone Farm's reclaimed thin brick veneer to create the right look and feel.

reclaimed thin brick veneer patagonia.jpg

Through the use of New England Mill blend, the space comes to life and aligns with the ethos of Patagonia. The brick is the ideal complement to reclaimed wood, rustic displays, distressed floors and recycled rugs to create a unique retail experience.

Reclaimed Thin Brick in Patagonia New Haven.jpg

Reclaimed Thin Brick.jpg

Interested in learning more about our authentic, reclaimed thin brick veneer?

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