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Brick, Brew and Chocolate - Baltimore

January 30, 2015
BY Stonelak

If you followed some of my posts from Belgium last year, you know that I love Brick, Brew (beer or coffee!), and chocolate! In essence, 3 simple reasons why I loved Brugges so much. A recent quick trip to Baltimore showed me some of the same!

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Hot Coffee, Cool Brick: Our Thin Brick Veneer Hits Starbucks!

December 23, 2013
BY Stonelak

Stone Farm's Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer a perfect match for a new Starbucks on historic Canal Street.
Background: This past summer, we received a call from Fulcrum Construction. The construction company was building out a new Starbucks at the corner of Canal and St. Charles St., a major thoroughfare in the city's oldest neighborhood, bordering the French Quarter. We enjoy any size or type of project here at Stone Farm, but this one was a little more exciting as many times we never get to see the end result of how are products are used.....in this case, we could actually enjoy coffee and our product at the same time (two of my favorite things).

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Innovation in Reclaimed Cobbles? Introducing, the Flat Cobble

October 17, 2013
BY Stonelak

I've seen a lot of old cobblestones - whether they're still existing in old streets or plazas, or freshly installed for new driveways. We always talk about their rich patina or 'weathered tops,' but in reality, there is a negative characteristic - they do not make for a completely flat surface! Some people want the authentic look and feel of the true, old cobbles. For them, they love the rough texture and embrace it. For others, we hear the same concern: "I don't want to walk on this in my high-heals," or, "I don't like that bumpy feeling when I drive." Everyone is different, and that is why we love the option of the reclaimed Flat Cobble.

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Brick Veneer Series – Jerusalem Chapel, Bruges, Belgium

October 13, 2013
BY Stonelak

When I came to Belgium, the plan was to search out pictures of our cobblestones throughout the cities of Belgium (ok, enjoying the chocolate and beer might have also been in the plan). Surprisingly, I was often distracted by beautiful brickwork found throughout the city.

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Brick Veneer Series – How Are Baby Bricks Born?

October 11, 2013
BY Stonelak

As I was wandering through Lier, walking across a gorgeous cobble-laid bridge, I happened to notice this stately building with unusually small bricks. It struck me as odd-- the bricks were considerably smaller than the others in the buildings that surrounded it. I asked the local gentleman who was walking with me, where these baby bricks came from. He gave me the same look my son gave me when he asked where his little sister came from.

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Cobblestone Driveway in the Making - Rowayton, Ct

May 22, 2013
BY Stonelak

Here is a picture we just received of our Big Dig cobblestones being installed for a cobblestone driveway in Rowayton, CT. We will be back within the next few weeks on this topic with some great photos of the finished project and tips from the installer on the process of installing reclaimed cobbles.

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Reclaimed Paving in Faneuil Hall

January 21, 2013
BY Stonelak

A trip to Boston's Faneuil Hall yesterday was a great reminder of why I love reclaimed granite paving. The look of old paving cobbles mixed in with granite curbing and bordered by Antique Red Brick is part of what makes the area special. Of course my kids enjoyed the food and street performers a little better!

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Outdoor Kitchen Addition - blending new with old stone walls

August 05, 2010
BY Stonelak

A tricky part of almost any addition or renovation is making sure that the new, matches the old. For this outdoor kitchen addition, the customer had some beautiful existing Pennsylvania Thin stonewalls all around the back patio living area.

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Sweet Outdoor Kitchen area in large apartment complex in Connecticut

June 12, 2010
BY Stonelak

One of our dealers recently supplied this large apartment rental unit in Fairfield County, CT, with our outdoor modular cabinets and our stainless steel grills and accessories, for this giant outdoor kitchen area. The contractor did a wonderful job of incorporating a pergola into the kitchen, and even modified our cabinets to create a handicap accessible grilling area.

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Technology making custom outdoor kitchens with natural stone easier than ever.

May 20, 2010
BY Stonelak

If you follow or simply love Outdoor Living, you hear it everywhere: ‘Outdoor Kitchens are Hot.’ It makes sense – kitchens are the centerpiece of the inside of the home, and once good weather hits, why not make it the center of the outside of the home. However, what is also driving this trend is technology that is allowing outdoor kitchens to be made more quickly, customizable, and at more affordable prices than ever.

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