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Best in Brick: Patagonia New Haven

October 16, 2017
BY Stone Farm

This month in Brick at its Best, we take a look at the new Patagonia store in New Haven, CT. with designer Cornerstone Design.

: Patagonia Store in New Haven, CT.

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American Muscle Grill - Top 5 from Forbes

July 12, 2017
BY Stone Farm

Looking to up your BBQ game? Look no further than the toughest grill in town - the American Muscle Grill. This dual-fuel grill steps it up a notch and was recently featured in Forbes Magazine online in a round up on "5 Great Grills that Will Make You a Backyard BBQ Star."

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Preview the Newest Products in Outdoor Living - Northeast Hardscape Expo

March 28, 2017
BY Stone Farm

Spring has sprung and we're prepping for the Northeast Hardscape Expo (April 6-8) #NEHE2017. If you are in the Providence area, come preview our newest outdoor living products and to check out what others have on the horizon. Here's a sneak peek at what we will have on display.

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Add Some Muscle to Your Cooking Style with a Dual Fuel Grill

February 17, 2017
BY Stone Farm

Looking to up your BBQ game? Look no further than the toughest grill in town - the American Muscle Grill. This dual-fuel grill steps it up a notch. It is the pinnacle of quality design and workhorse power you need to entertain. And with this grill, it's all about the flavor. 

Enjoy the grilling with lots of options - charcoal, lump-coal, gas, wood-chunks, pellets, infrared, LP Gas or Natural Gas. The outcome is  enhanced flavors of wood and charcoal for extra flavor.

  • Lump Coal & Charcoal allows for that smoky flavor we all know and love, to permeate the food.
  • Wood allows for flavors to be fine-tuned based on wood variety with a savory bite of history.
  • Gas allows for precise temperatures and reliability.  It can also speed up lighting the fuels above!

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Gray is the New Red in Thin Brick Veneer

February 08, 2017
BY Stone Farm

Grey is the new red; in interior brick design, that is. Oftentimes the rustic feel of traditional red reclaimed brick doesn't flow with the color scheme of the room that you are decorating. That is why we bring you our newest offering - reclaimed gray thin brick veneer.

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Recent Press for Stone Farm

April 09, 2013
BY Stone Farm


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3 Reasons Reclaimed Belgian Cobbles Make the Perfect Driveway Paver

February 26, 2013
BY Stone Farm

We view Belgian reclaimed cobblestones as world heritage treasures! Not only are they filled with old world charm and architectural character, they also have many other positive points making them the perfect choice paver used in a stone driveway.

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