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A NEW Design Twist for Margaritaville--Enhanced by Thin Brick Tile

August 08, 2016
BY KCharles

Head on over to the new Margaritaville in Hollywood, FL and you will see that our Baltimore Blend of thin brick tile has been reclaimed and is not "Wastin' Away" as they say! 

We love the finished look of this new commercial space complete with the famed parrot to boot, showcasing once again, how reclaimed brick can totally transform a space. 

Why is our Baltimore blend of Thin Brick Tile so special? This unique brick tile has been taken and repurposed from the row houses of Baltimore's city streets in a collaborative effort with Details Deconstruction, a 501(c) (3) that is currently using the deconstruction of its row houses as a means towards creating employment, reducing waste sent to landfills, and salvaging materials for reuse.

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Why Reclaimed Granite Makes The Perfect Pool Coping

June 03, 2016
BY KCharles


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Fresh New Blends: Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer

March 24, 2016
BY KCharles

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A Reclaimed Brick Floor That's Gone to the Dogs

January 29, 2016
BY KCharles


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The Ultimate Makeover--Reclaimed Thin Brick Works Its Magic in Texas!

December 22, 2015
BY KCharles

 We LOVE to hear back from our customers..especially when the project happens to be as transformational as this one!

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A Reclaimed Cobblestone Driveway With A Touch Of The Extraordinary

November 24, 2015
BY KCharles



 Along the banks of the Five Mile River in Rowayton, CT sits a fabulous airy and spacious newly constructed home with a natural beach toned feel. To compliment the architecture of this home, 150 year old jumbo big dig cobblestones that were taken from a reclamation in Troy, New York were chosen as driveway material. These reclaimed cobblestones not only stand out with a pretty big "wow factor", but also seamelessly blend this home cohesively into the landscape and backyard waters edge.  Naturally present, is the worn patina and smoothness that you simply cannot get with new cobblestones that exist on the market today. These cobbles are so smooth you actually want to reach out and touch them....just like a smooth beach pebble! 

In addition to the reclaimed cobblestones, reclaimed granite curbing was used to create the banding effect you see here. In its past, this material has been used for hundreds of years to separate street from sidwalk. The curbing was a perfect compliment to the cobblestone's aged patina.

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An Outdoor Fireplace from Concept to Reality!

September 04, 2015
BY KCharles
With the spectacular fall season just around the corner, it's time to turn our thoughts to "pumpkin everything", spectacular leaf colors and cooler temperatures. How can we prolong our time outside to enjoy this wonderful change of season and at the same time hold onto some warmth during the process? An easily assembled, glowing outdoor fireplace!
One of the best features of our Stone Age Outdoor Fireplace Kits is the simplicity of the building process. The kits include everything needed to construct the fireplace except the mortar. How easy is that?
We have some great start to finish photos of a recent project that we'd love to share with you! Featured below, is a build out of a 48" Contractor Customizable Fireplace kit in New Cumberland, WV. These photos say it all!
A good base is all you need to get this outdoor fireplace off the ground!
The sidewall phase is simple: stack & mortar. 
Getting into the process!
Topping it off with 3, 6" chimney extensions.
The bones of this fireplace are complete--time for the natural stone veneer, chosen by the homeowner.
The veneering process moves along just as smoothly as the fireplace build out. 
The end result is one heck of an outdoor fireplace ready for fall!
The homeowner was simply thrilled with the easy process and end result of this project. He quoted, "We are happy we chose Stone Farm for this project and have recommended you to all who have asked about it. Sue and I have already enjoyed a few evenings by the fire." We love a truly satisfied customer! 
Some of the highlights of the Contractor Fireplace include:
  • Use of temperature resistant, refractory concrete with solid wall construction and reinforcements.
  • Well designed draft, allowing for minimal smoke spillage
  • Easy assembly in 3 to 4 hours (not including adhering of veneer)
  • All units are tested to meet UL-127 & UL-103.
  • Available in 3 sizes: 24, 36 & 48".
  • Fully customizable with arched or straight fire box top.
Ready to roll and add one of these to your backyard setting? If you are located from New York to Maine, please call us for a quote at: 203-270-2900.
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Planning your outdoor space
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A Baltimore Brick Tale, By John Houlihan

July 13, 2015
BY KCharles


Baltimore Brick Up Close & Personal

As you may have heard, our newest blend of reclaimed thin brick from Baltimore has quite the story behind it, and at the same time supports a great cause that involves, both repurposing old materials as well as providing employment opportunities for its local residents. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel down to Baltimore to have an up close and personal look for myself and at the same time discuss a unique project that is currently underway.

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Creating a Reclaimed Stone Veneer Landscape Wall

June 26, 2015
BY KCharles
We love to tell a good story with photos and this one fits the bill perfectly! Reclaimed Stone Veneer is a versatile product that can allow for some varied project applications, always with a unique end result.


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How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen Design in 5 Easy Steps!

June 05, 2015
BY KCharles


Summer is fast approaching and many of you may be thinking about upgrading your backyard living space by adding an outdoor kitchen. What's not to love about expanding your home's entertaining space and enjoying more time outdoors with family and friends. It may seem like a daunting task, but Stone Farm can make this a simple and enjoyable process.

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