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Best in Brick: Patagonia New Haven

Roasted Corn Salsa Relish

American Muscle Grill - Top 5 from Forbes

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Time to Prep Your Grill

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A Baltimore Brick Tale, By John Houlihan

Creating a Reclaimed Stone Veneer Landscape Wall

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Building a More Unique Granite Block Retaining Wall

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Outdoor Living Madness--Dealer Training Event 2015

HGTV Features Reclaimed Thin Brick

Brick, Brew and Chocolate - Baltimore

Thin Brick Veneer Adds a Dash of Flavor to Edgartown

Three Simple Steps to Creating an Outdoor Flaming Boulder

Reclaimed Granite Blocks: A Perfect Choice for Sea Wall Material!

Reclaimed Curbing on Lake Winnipesaukee

Harvest Grilling in your Outdoor Kitchen

Starbucks Revisited: Reclaimed Thin Brick gets a Fresh Jolt!

Why We Love Our Outdoor Fireplace Kits (And So Should You!)

Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer--An Inspirational Element in this Creative Commercial Space

Cobblestone Pavers Make a Strong Statement at the Buena Vista Winery

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Reclaimed Stone: Small Projects That Make a BIG Impact!

Grilling Series: Cooking with a Rotisserie in your Outdoor Kitchen

The Manhattan Project: Industrial Chic Styling Enhanced by Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer

Preserving Patina: The Importance Of Color In Reclaimed Stone

Grilling Series: Searfully Delicious Grilling--A Great Addition to the Outdoor Kitchen

10 Reasons Why We Love Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer

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Montana's Big Sky and Belgium's Favorite Cobblestone Paver

Grilling Series: Texas Style Brisket and an Alturi Grill with One Hot Smoker Box

Thinking Outdoor Fireplace? How About A Flaming Boulder!

Brick Floor Tile: A Reclaimed Highlight on DIY's "I Hate My Kitchen"

The Many Varied Uses Of Reclaimed Granite Curbing

Building An Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Modular Units

Brick Veneer Series: The Davenport, Cambridge MA

Stone Farm Hosts Outdoor Living Dealer Training Event!

One Hot Topic: Wood or Natural Gas For Your Outdoor Firepit

Hot Coffee, Cool Brick: Our Thin Brick Veneer Hits Starbucks!

The Completed Phase of Our Cobblestone Driveway Project: Rowayton, CT

Innovation in Reclaimed Cobbles? Introducing, the Flat Cobble

Brick Veneer Series – Jerusalem Chapel, Bruges, Belgium

Brick Veneer Series – How Are Baby Bricks Born?

Reclaimed Granite Curbing

Jumbo Cobbles: Reclaimed and At The Ready!

Brick Veneer Series: The Foundry Kitchen and Tavern - Ct.

Cobblestone Driveway or Cobblestone Apron?

Why People Love Reclaimed Stone!

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10 Steps to Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

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Outdoor Kitchen Planning Guide

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Good Things in Small Spaces: Thin Brick Tile

Building A Character Filled Wall With Reclaimed Granite Blocks

The Manhattan Project: Using Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer

Make A Bigger Statement: Ginormous Bluestone Slabs

Is Salvaging Brick a Crime? Not when making Reclaimed Thin Brick!

Cobblestone Driveway, Phase 2: Rowayton, CT

Cobblestone Driveway in the Making - Rowayton, Ct

An Outdoor Fireplace with Rumford--In True 18th Century Style

Warmth Under The Stars: Using Kits to Build Your Outdoor Fireplace

Recent Press for Stone Farm

Reclaimed Stone: Architecturally Speaking......

School House Rock! And Our Love for Reclaimed Stone

Why Natural Stone Pavers Last Forever and Concrete Does Not

3 Reasons Reclaimed Belgian Cobbles Make the Perfect Driveway Paver

Reclaimed Paving in Faneuil Hall

Driveway Stones as Manly Aprons

Farm Fresh! Pile of Old Cobblestones

Antique European Cobblestones - Bluestone

Stone Driveway from Reclaimed Granite Curbstones

Farm Fresh...Antique Reclaimed Bluestone Sidewalk

New England Fieldstone sitting wall

Reclaimed Granite Pavers - In summer and winter

Reclaimed Granite Curbing Barn Apron

Reclaimed Swedish Granite Cobblestones

Plan your Outdoor Kitchen BEFORE Spring and Summer!

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread - Sliced Cobbles

New England Fieldstone Natural Slabs - Spring Comes Early

Big Dig Cobblestones - Lowell Jumbos

Stone Farm brings OxBox to the DIY Network

Ginormous Slabs - New England Fieldstone

A Stone Farm Favorite - Newburyport, MA Project - 1. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen - Wilton, Ct.

Rockport Granite Blocks - The best use I can think of...

Reclaimed Granite Veneer and Capstones

New England Fieldstone Slabs

Recent Finds - Mill Yard Antique Cobblestones

Outdoor Living - Reclaimed Granite

Yard Work

Recent Finds - Antique Landings

Boston Common - Brewers Fountain Plaza

Outdoor Kitchen - Green Egg - Newton, Ma

Time to Design Your Outdoor Kitchen

Antique Paving Brick vs Reclaimed Face Brick

Antique Granite Building Blocks

Reclaimed Curbing - Sawn Top vs Textured Top

Roughbacks and Weathered Edged Steps

The Do's and Don'ts of Building a Bluestone Patio

Reclaimed Granite Curbing - Pavement

New England Fieldstone Pillars and Caps

Water and Stone

What about a Rill?

Antique Granite Lye Stone

Super Jumbo Cobblestones

Outdoor Kitchen Addition - blending new with old stone walls

Where do Antique Cobblestones come from?

Stone Loaf - Jumbo Regulations

Sweet Outdoor Kitchen area in large apartment complex in Connecticut

Antique Granite Sheep Posts

Technology making custom outdoor kitchens with natural stone easier than ever.

Reclaimed Granite Inlay

Big Slab Steps

Reclaimed Granite Retaining Wall

Antique Cobblestone - Smalls and Cubes

Patio Stones - Bluestone

Outdoor Pergolas

Outdoor Kitchens

Reclaimed Antique Cobbles

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