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A New Twist on an Old Favorite: Gas Fire Pit in a Boulder

September 29, 2016
BY Stephen Singlak


You love the rustic feel and warmth of a fire pit, but are looking for something a little different to light up your outdoor living space. Here's a new twist on an old favorite that may be just right for you - a gas fire pit in a boulder. We're bringing you the latest in outdoor fire features


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Known for sourcing reclaimed, natural stone that brings outdoor and indoor spaces to life, Stone Farm is tapping into this expertise, harvesting one-of-a-kind boulders and modifying them with a propane or natural gas hookup. Here is a harvested boulder ready for us to modify. 

stone harvested and ready to be modified into a gas burning fire pit in a boulder


Here are some reasons why this unique outdoor firepit is a perfect centerpiece for your backyard. 

- It is just that - unique! It brings a natural and rustic feel to your outdoor living space, setting it apart in style and functionality.

- Gas firepits in boulders are very easily maintained.

- It is quick and easy to turn on and off. When guests call for S'mores, you are on the case.

- These incredible focal points are ideal for both outdoor living rooms and commercial spaces.

- A flat topped surface doubles as a table for glasses and bottles. 

 gas firepit in a boulder that doubles as a table for outdoor entertaining

There are many other reasons that gas burning fire boulders are right for you. Here are a few one-of-a-kind designs, but check them out, give us a call and we'll light up your backyard just in time for the cool weather. 

linear fire pit fire boulder  small fireboulder or firepit

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