Grilling Series: Cooking with a Rotisserie in your Outdoor Kitchen

Rotisserie Demo

By now, you are most likely on your way to fully mastering your outdoor grill! Up to this point, we have talked smoking and searing–now its time to talk about using a rotisserie kit! If words like “juicy”, “slow roasted” and “self basting” get your palette revved up….a rotisserie is going to be a GREAT […]

The Manhattan Project: Industrial Chic Styling Enhanced by Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer


We at Stone Farm have been highly anticipating the grand finale of our Reclaimed Thin Brick project within this stunning Manhattan Penthouse….and here it is! We were lucky enough to obtain several photos of this project at the onset of the brick tile application–what an amazing transformation in these before and after photos. For an […]

Preserving Patina: The Importance Of Color In Reclaimed Stone


One word we love here at Stone Farm is “Patina“! Wikipedia describes patina as ” a discolored film or thin outer layer produced either on or within the surface of a rock or other material by either the development of a weathering rind within the surface of a rock, the formation of desert varnish on the surface of a rock, or […]

10 Reasons Why We Love Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer


We LOVE our Interior Brick Veneer because…… 1. Stone Farm salvages thin brick from various mills found throughout the New England region. The color palette of these bricks is near perfect with tones ranging from the standard ‘clay-red’, ‘white tones’ resulting from ‘Lyme Mortar’ used during that time period, and ‘darker pieces’ from both fire damage and natural […]