Brick, Brew and Chocolate – Baltimore


If you followed some of my posts from Belgium last year, you know that I love Brick, Brew (beer or coffee!), and chocolate!  In essence, 3 simple reasons why I loved Brugges so much. A recent quick trip to Baltimore showed me some of the same! We are currently working on a project with Details […]

Thin Brick Veneer Adds a Dash of Flavor to Edgartown


  Welcome to Rockfish, Edgartown, MA! Nell, Will and Geoghan Coogan, owners and sibling trio at Rockfish were planning to do something unique with a great space near the Wharf in Edgartown, MA. It was a simple process…they contacted us here at Stone Farm, samples were sent, the brick order was shipped and they were on […]

Three Simple Steps to Creating an Outdoor Flaming Boulder


We LOVE the look of these Flaming Boulders–they are a unique addition to any outdoor living space!  We take boulders naturally found in wooded New England landscapes and simply modify them to allow for a propane or natural gas hookup. Flames flicker out of the stone like magic with a push of a button. With an adjustable […]

Reclaimed Granite Blocks: A Perfect Choice for Sea Wall Material!


  On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy took its toll on many areas throughout sections of Brooklyn as well as parts of New York City. One park that was desperate for a renovation due to extensive flooding was the East River Park in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Known for its cool, hipster vibe, and stunning […]

Reclaimed Curbing on Lake Winnipesaukee


New Hampshire is known as the Granite State for good reason! It’s a plentiful resource here–especially along the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. One of our most recent multi-season projects features our reclaimed curbing, foundation stone and granite blocks as key building materials in the exterior renovation of this summer retreat. Let’s talk highlights! Patio: A […]