Reclaimed Thin Brick Veneer–An Inspirational Element in this Creative Commercial Space

Muse Paint Bar

We LOVE the concept behind Muse Paint Bar! In fact–we will be heading down to South Norwalk, CT soon for a night of painting amongst our Thin Brick! It does not get any better than that..especially when you include wine and appetizers in the mix! Muse combines painting instruction with a restaurant and bar, offering […]

Cobblestone Pavers Make a Strong Statement at the Buena Vista Winery


Stone Farm’s flat cobblestone paver recently made its way westward to Sonoma County, arriving at the famed Buena Vista Winery! Founded in 1857, Buena Vista is California’s first premium winery, located in the heart of Carneros Appellation, just outside downtown Sonoma, CA. Steeped in history, that includes both intrigue as well as political exile, this […]

Grilling Series: Forget Burgers! It’s Time to Fire Up the Outdoor Pizza Oven!

Mezzo Pizza Oven

Two important Topics here at Stone Farm are: Grilling in the great outdoors! Perfecting an authentic pizza pie!  We are certain at this point in the summer, you have all had your fair share of burgers, hot dogs and fish….let’s shift our focus to something fresh!  Who doesn’t LOVE pizza? To aid in the outdoor […]

Reclaimed Stone: Small Projects That Make a BIG Impact!


Stone Farm would like to showcase a couple of our recent smaller reclaimed stone projects that have each made a BIG impact in their own unique way. European Cobbles Hit the Deep South! In Hartselle, Alabama, the homeowners wanted to update their driveway using our European Porphyry Cobblestones. With a beautiful, worn patina and shades […]

Grilling Series: Cooking with a Rotisserie in your Outdoor Kitchen

Rotisserie Demo

By now, you are most likely on your way to fully mastering your outdoor grill! Up to this point, we have talked smoking and searing–now its time to talk about using a rotisserie kit! If words like “juicy”, “slow roasted” and “self basting” get your palette revved up….a rotisserie is going to be a GREAT […]